pf009: refractions of bladen county (the chester county remixes)

Release Date: August 25th, 2008

beau finley as remixed by nathan mclaughlin
refractions of bladen county – the chester county remixes
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please. play these loudly. they were mixed for such an experience. even on your laptop speakers. play them as loud as humanly possible. but not if there are children in the room. children’s ears are sensitive.

anyway – why? well musical collaboration between beau and i runs back a few years now and when i see sketches like these i can not help but take them to my 3rd floor room of audio creation and destroy them. it is what we do best, mangle each others creative vision! beau used software to make this, so i took it outside the box and used hardware to make the universe balanced again.

1. rural baltimore
2. there i was at 90 mph hoping for a message from you
3. nostalgia/hunger/love conflation
4. jones state park

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