pf011: Orchard & Ponds – Snakes in the Woodpile

Release Date: September 11th, 2008

Orchard & Ponds
Snakes in the Woodpile
A soundtrack for Autumn on the back roads of Cecil County Maryland.

1. frist
2. bay windows over winch
3. thruway on bicycle
4. jackson station
5. tome meeting
7. belvidere
8. linton run’s november jacket
9. theodore
10. basin run
11. old cutty new houses

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About the album:
For the second half of 2007 and the first half of 2008 I lived in a nowhere town in Chester County called Elverson, not terribly far from Cecil County actually. I was lucky enough to rent a small cottage that had no sound restrictions and a nice plot of land. It was in that cottage that Stephen and I crafted our best work together. Many late nights and early mornings. Many discussions about what it is that makes Cecil County a special place. A year spent writing an album that was stuck in both of our heads for years.

So we present to you an album about Cecil County and it’s pathways – where we became real people.

About the band Orchard & Ponds:
Stephen Tyler & I have collaborated in many capacities as musicians over the past two years. Having grown up in the same small town area but being some years apart, it is curious we would eventually live in the same apartment building and then go on to write music about our collective hometown. This album represents the culmination of our work together (note: not the conclusion). It represents two years of talking about the type of music we ultimately wanted to make and then a solid year of making that happen in our small home studio.

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