pf017: Orchard & Ponds – Preparations

Release Date: September 26th, 2009

Orchard & Ponds
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1. Lullaby 1:36
2. Preparations 40:03
3. Bredoteau 2:02
4. The Drake 1:11

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About the album:
Completely done behind closed doors, and in somewhat secrecy from even the old bag and the little one who shares the apartment with me. A strange affair full of poor recording techniques and overly thought out ideas. But it was not a solo effort at all and is based all around that old bag and the little one I share my space, my time, and heart with.

6 Responses to “pf017: Orchard & Ponds – Preparations”

  1. Beau Says:

    The minimalism on this is so different from the standard drones and tones normally found in this type of ambient music.

    Great stuff!!

  2. immanentvoiceless Says:

    finally got around to listening to this. in a weird way, the first half or so of the title track, particularly minutes 16-23 or so remind me of a more minimal version of vladislav delay’s early work (multila and particularly entain) which i always thought was a really interesting avenue that he’s since abandoned for much more concrete and unmysterious music. great stuff dude!

  3. nathan Says:

    thanks for the kind words guys!
    i will be checking out vladislav delay

  4. e Says:

    I dig your aesthetic, man.

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