pf018: We are Bright & Broken

Release Date: November 16th, 2009


We are Bright & Broken
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1. with broken heart and sharp mind 7:22
2. this, our good stone Mother 7:28

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Also available for download in many many formats at ARCHIVE.ORG

Two studies for electric guitar, sine generator and ring modulator.
Personal revelation through deconstruction.
Footsteps on marble.
Fever reverie.
Coming to in the snow.

Note: These tracks contain frequencies far below the capabilities of earbuds and computer speakers. Please listen accordingly.

We are Bright & Broken is Joe Houpert of loud & sad.

Album art by Brian Sawford

13 Responses to “pf018: We are Bright & Broken”

  1. Brian Sawford Says:

    Oh hey! I really like the album art. It’s minimal yet intriguing. The arching cross-hatched pattern is really cool.

  2. Ramiro Tiano Says:

    minimal = intriguing?? 🙂

    hiper relax music to listen on a intensive care room, reminds me (track 1) the Vrioon album, but guitar instead of piano. i put a link on my blog. im happy.

  3. Deftune Says:

    Love it. Where can we grab high quality photos. We’d like to feature this on Deftune Independent Music Blog 🙂

  4. Erich Steiger Says:

    Beautiful work. The 40Hz cleaned out my channels. And the lissajous phase display is very unique


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  7. Dan Says:

    This is very special indeed!

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  9. data.hypercomplex Says:

    Posted this one on my blog.

    Thanks again for the mail, Nathan.

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