pf033: daw nusk

Release Date: February 24th, 2012

daw nusk
Hunter Gatherer

i don’t usually have the patience for ambient music.

it shuts me down…to the point that i sit and stare.

stare at the world, slowed by infinite-seeming notes shaped by even more infinite attacks and decays…

and then the track ends and i realize i have emails to read, projects to finish, copy to write, halls to pace. which is why i don’t listen to ambient music.

but as it is my duty to bring you write-ups for these panda fuzz releases my dear reader, i find myself forced to listen to ambient music

and i am struck by its patience. because this is expert level patience.
so let the emails and projects fall to the wayside for an hour.
its ok to toy with the infinite every once and a while
friends, let’s listen to some ambient music…some truly rewarding ambient music…


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1. The Sky is the Land
2. Tarkovsky’s Mistake
3. Swallow
4. Tribal Effect
5. Up From the Ground

From the artist:

Cochlear. Vibration. Collision. Serotonin.
Movement. Empathy.

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7 Responses to “pf033: daw nusk”

  1. night on the sun Says:

    Such a beautiful album. daw nusk really taps into the nature of who we are as living beings on planet earth. Put on your headphones turn down the lights and let daw nusk help you understand more fully who you are.

  2. Breathing Air in a Vacuum Says:

    Daw Nusk touched me… touched me in a very private place. The rhythmic, sometimes arrhythmic vibrations pentrated my aural cavities and exploded in an existential release, giving birth to what can only be described as a union of souls.

  3. Mrs. Nusk Says:

    It is so awesome to hear these sounds and remember where we were when they were recorded. As I listen, it is a journey through fond memories with the ever present clown nose sound recorder.

  4. PianoAnn Says:

    very captivating!

  5. Daw Nusk Groupie Says:

    Mesmerizing. Instant introspection, it cannot help but to be a meditation on life. Terrance Malik needs a copy.

  6. A Fan Says:

    I’ve had daw nusk for a while now. I re-emerges from my music collection like an old friend, appearing on my doorstep for a visit every now and again. Always warmly familiar, always new things to share.

  7. Little Katie (baby squirrel) Says:

    Daw Nusk puts me to sleep… in a good way.

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