pf034: Leonardo Martins – In The Cave of The Ancients

Release Date: April 26th, 2012

Leonardo Martins
In the Cave of the Ancients

It was three years ago an email first emerged from South America….written by the musician and artist we know today as Leonardo Martins. At the time, pF had a much more vague mission of releasing music that was exciting and Leonardo’s music was certainly that. Over time though one could draw the conclusion that after befriending Leonardo, and learning his music, that the mission of pF was changed forever….to release music from the fringe.

Leonardo returns (having made his debut with pf019, with a sound that has left us all further behind and in the darkness. He has obviously found the light, been through some sort of change, realized moments of clarity and change. In The Cave of The Ancients shows Leonardo plunging head long into synthesis, but holding strong to those free jazz roots in that freedom inducing way….there is a liberating feeling when leonardo runs to the guitar again later in the album….harkening perhaps to the sociopolitical environment he finds himself in down in South America….a quest for liberation and freedom channeling itself through this music.

Please enjoy Leonardo’s 2nd proper release for pF……


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1. The Awakening of the Fourth Eye of the Supradimmension
2. Ibituruna
3. Avoante
4. Novo velho horizonte
5. Bakunin
6. Silver Wier
7. La Roue de Chats Gitanes
8. Der Zorn Gottes
9. Year After Day
10. Green Mantra of Confusion
11. Sun Rah
12. It’s Toasted
13. Ethyopium

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